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Adjustable setting

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Among the advantages of PROMPT natural cement, its quick setting and hardening are noteworthy. These unique qualities make it an ideal material for masonry work. However, there may be occasions where it becomes necessary to slow down the setting process.

To continue benefiting from the numerous advantages of PROMPT natural cement and gain some extra time, it is possible to delay the setting by using TEMPO retardant admixture. The use of the retardant allows for proper application and thorough cleaning of tools, resulting in higher quality work, greater ease of use, and adherence to the professional's work pace.


But what exactly is it?

TEMPO is composed of 100% food-grade citric acid. It is the most potent retardant for PROMPT natural cement. TEMPO retardant admixture is available in 80-gram sachets and should be dosed according to the volume of PROMPT cement used. It is directly incorporated into the mortar or concrete mixture. It should be noted that once the setting process begins, the cement should not be mixed, beaten, or smoothed, as it may interfere with the setting and cause it to stop. Tempo retardant admixture can be used in mortars or concretes made with natural lime and PROMPT cement to enhance stability and workability.


How to use it?

Regarding dosage, it is recommended to use half to a full cap, equivalent to 7 grams. Beyond that, the effect of the retardant will be weaker and less effective. Depending on the temperature and dosage, the setting time can be adjusted from a few minutes to over an hour. For example, in mortar, it can delay the setting by 20 minutes at 20°C.


Here are some examples of setting delay in PROMPT mortars :

Please note that below 10°C, it is advisable to use half a cap of TEMPO per liter of natural cement or even cancel it entirely, depending on the desired setting time.

To use TEMPO in mortar, simply sprinkle it over the PROMPT natural cement before mixing it with the sand. For use in concrete, TEMPO should be added to the mixer along with the natural cement.



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