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Anchoring of joinery: hinges and window stops


Performing hinge and window stop anchorings

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Water is often the main cause of deterioration in masonry, hinges, and window stops. When it infiltrates and freezes, the masonry around hinges and window stops can crack.

Additionally, the weight of the window itself adds to the problem, and soon the window is at risk of being torn off by even a mild gust of wind.



PROMPT Natural cement is a hydraulic binder that complements common binders like lime and cement. In addition to enabling a rapid return to service on both old and new masonry supports, the unique properties of natural PROMPT cement provide excellent adhesion and aesthetic results. The mortar can even be colored!

Durability is also a major advantage of natural PROMPT Vicat cement. In just 15 minutes, it's possible to achieve 4 MPa!



First and foremost, carefully prepare the support: protect the woodwork and windows to avoid soiling them, screw the anchor plates onto the woodwork, create the necessary anchoring holes with proper coverage in mind, and then dust and dampen the support.

Next, create the mortar using PROMPT natural cement, dry sand, and TEMPO retarder if needed. Homogenize the mixture while adding water until a plastic consistency is obtained.

Finally, for implementation, dampen the support, place the shims, adjust for plumb, and install the mortar, ensuring proper coverage of the parts to be anchored (hinges, window stops).
Appropriate equipment is essential for carrying out this type of work.

Half an hour after setting is complete, the windows can be put back into service.

Fields of application

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Natural PROMPT Vicat cement is used on both old and new masonry supports for tasks such as anchoring window hinges and window stops.

Advantages of its application


Natural PROMPT cement has multiple advantages for the installation of hinge and shutter stop fixings. Thanks to its quick setting and hardening, the fixing is immediate, and the shutters can be put back into service very rapidly. Its initial strengths are high, and natural PROMPT cement provides excellent adhesion to all types of surfaces. Additionally, natural PROMPT cement allows for work in cold weather. It is also aesthetically pleasing, as the mortars can be colored.


Be aware that the setting time of natural cement can be adjusted using the TEMPO retarder. With it, the rapid setting of natural PROMPT cement can be controlled. This ease of use allows for optimal application and execution, ensuring high-quality work and results. Depending on the temperature and dosage, the setting time can be adjusted from a few minutes to over an hour.


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The only cement with strengths at the end of setting, it allows for the quickest return to service. In formulations, it also acts as a powerful accelerator for all hydraulic binders (lime, Portland cement, calcium sulfoaluminate cement, calcium aluminate cement).

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