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High resistance in aggressive environments

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The mineralogical composition and low porosity of PROMPT natural cement give it durability properties such as long-term strength development, waterproofing, and resistance to aggressive water, seawater, and marine environments. It is therefore an ideal solution for water and sanitation sectors and marine environments.

In fact, Vicat PROMPT natural cement has the ability to resist acidic and pure waters, and sulfated water with a pH higher than 4. Furthermore, the physical and mineralogical properties provide mortars and concretes made with PROMPT natural cement excellent durability when in contact with seawater. It complies with the NF P15-314 standard "cement for marine works," achieved after tests spanning over 50 years.

This proven resistance to seawater, combined with its waterproofing properties, rapid setting, and hardening, makes it the ideal binder for work between tides or in total immersion. The work can even be performed in difficult or aggressive environments such as dykes, seawalls, boat ramps, and any other construction exposed to the sea, even in urgent situations, thanks to its quick setting time. It is also suitable for tall structures and emergency works in hazardous environments.

Furthermore, Vicat PROMPT natural cement has the ability to adapt to various water and sanitation structures, such as crack sealing, installation of watertight partitions, plugging of waterways, etc., thanks to its rapid setting and high strength. It can also be used for the repair of gutters, drains, inspection chambers, canals, cofferdams, as well as for the repair of mortar or concrete in sewers and wastewater treatment plants. These structures can be subject to physical and chemical aggressions that damage the concrete of pipelines and water treatment basins. It is therefore important to protect the concrete with a coating capable of withstanding these various aggressions and can be applied in a humid environment. Natural cement PROMPT is a suitable solution for these types of works due to its low permeability.


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