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Lime acceleration

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The PROMPT natural cement is the ideal complement to lime. Indeed, a proportion of natural cement, usually in a minor quantity compared to lime, will provide lime mortars with short-term strength and reduced shrinkage, without affecting the permeability qualities of the walls and their low module of elasticity. It should be noted that since their first production in the early 19th century, natural cements have been used in combination with lime to accelerate its setting.

The mixture of lime and natural cement PROMPT offers numerous advantages. Firstly, it accelerates the lime, allowing for rapid hardening, reduced intervals between layers, workability in cold weather, and above all, maintaining the characteristics of lime, whether it is used in lean, medium, or rich mortar. It is therefore the ideal binder for blending and accelerating lime. Indeed, blending natural lime with natural cement, rather than artificial cement, helps retain the permeability and aesthetic quality of lime mortar.

PROMPT Natural cement can be mixed with hydrated or hydraulic lime to create facade renders for historic buildings, base coats, undercoats, stone repairs, decorative finishes, or even gravity injections. It can be used in various fields such as restoration and decoration, rapid masonry, water and sanitation, and eco-construction due to its numerous properties.


Heritage restoration, eco-construction, renovation, decoration, natural park development... PROMPT Natural cement and lime are two complementary natural materials composed of the same minerals, without additives, which contribute to energy savings.


Through their low-temperature firing, between 500°C and 1200°C, which is lower than that of artificial cement, resulting in reduced energy consumption and increased savings. Moreover, natural cement is an environmentally friendly material that is compatible with hemp fiber and lime for the production of hemp mortar and concrete. Hemp concrete also adds reactivity and hydraulic properties to hydrated lime. The combination of PROMPT natural cement and lime thus enables the achievement of high-quality and durable work.


In summary, when combined with lime, PROMPT natural cement reserves the breathability of walls thanks to its permeability. It should be noted that the higher the permeability value, the better the water vapor transfer. Additionally, the combination of PROMPT natural cement and lime reduces shrinkage, minimizes cracking, maintains a low module of elasticity in the mortar, enhances adhesion to soft substrates, and provides its distinctive light ochre color, allowing for coloring with earth pigments or oxides.


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