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Quick setting & hardening

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The mineralogical composition of PROMPT natural cement gives it specific properties of rapid initial setting followed by immediate hardening. This specific mineralogical composition comes from a complex family of aluminate and sulfo-aluminate minerals formed at moderate firing temperatures. Its unique qualities of rapid setting and hardening make it an ideal material for applications such as sealing, repairs, waterproofing, plugging waterways, and many more.

The exceptional speed of setting and hardening of PROMPT natural cement, between 15 and 90 minutes depending on the mortar dosage and chosen setting time, allows for quick protection of structures against weather conditions, cold, or rapid reactivation. It should be noted that the setting time is adjustable. According to the NF P 15-314 standard, it must be less than 4 minutes. The setting time of PROMPT natural cement mortar is reduced to 2 minutes at 20°C and 1 minute at 30°C. Conversely, this setting can be delayed up to 30 minutes using the TEMPO retarder.

Furthermore, Vicat PROMPT natural cement is characterized by a very quick increase in its early-age mechanical strengths, making it a true "force of nature." As evidence, its minimum compressive strength values are 4 MPa from 15 minutes at 20°C. These values often allow for formwork removal and/or reactivation. It's important to notice that the strength of PROMPT natural cement continues to increase steadily over time, even for many years.

The high initial strength properties and almost instantaneous hardening of PROMPT natural cement make it suitable for various types of supports and numerous applications such as restoration, decoration, water and sanitation, and rapid masonry. Indeed, one of its traditional uses is sealing.

The speed of PROMPT natural cement allows it to replace a multitude of small jobs that would typically be done with ordinary cement, such as partition assembly, stair steps, installation of channels, and concrete work. In short, it adapts to any construction field and brings speed, high initial strength, hardening, and durability.


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