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Restoration & decoration

Tile sealing, ridge sealing, edge sealing, and flashing installation


Sealing tiles, ridges, edges, and creating flashings and natural cement


Both technical and aesthetic, the installation of tiles, ridges, or edges is not a step to be taken lightly. Indeed, if they are poorly sealed or improperly installed, water infiltration through the roof can occur. Optimal tile sealing thus prevents any water infiltration, ensuring roof waterproofing, preventing streaks and stains by allowing the runoff of edge waters, and ultimately enhancing the roofs and the building itself.


PROMPT natural cement, used in combination with lime, is employed for sealing tile ridges, edges, and creating flashings. The mortar of lime and PROMPT natural cement brings aesthetics (the mortar can be colored), quick execution, and preservation of old or natural substrates. PROMPT natural cement also allows for application in cold weather, significant thicknesses, and securing of mortars in case of rain (no streaks).



First and foremost, prepare the support. Moisturize both the substrate and the elements to be placed with clean water to enhance adhesion. Then, prepare the mortar of lime and PROMPT natural cement. Dry mix the PROMPT natural cement, lime, dry sand, and TEMPO retarder to homogenize the mixture, add water, and knead until obtaining a consistent paste. Proceed to implementation. Lay the mortar by pre-shaping the tile's form, then place the tile, stabilize and compact it. Tighten the mortar well to ensure aesthetics and water tightness. Remove excess mortar to achieve a smooth appearance. Clean the tiles to remove all traces of mortar.

Fields of application


PROMPT natural cement is used for sealing tiles, but also for all kinds of sealings such as sealing joineries, hinges, and shutter stops, as well as outdoor furniture sealings.

Advantages of its application


Using a Vicat PROMPT natural cement mortar for tile sealing provides :

  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Mortar security in case of rain
  • Preservation of old and natural substrates
  • Quick execution



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The only cement with strengths at the end of setting, it allows for the quickest return to service. In formulations, it also acts as a powerful accelerator for all hydraulic binders (lime, Portland cement, calcium sulfoaluminate cement, calcium aluminate cement).

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